Are you and your partner planning an elopement photoshoot or wedding photos in Venice? Look no further for the perfect photographer family team Paolo and Barbara Orsolini to capture your special day! Our style is timeless and classic, with a touch of sophistication. As English speaking photographers in Venice, we understand the importance of communication and making our couples feel at ease. We have extensive knowledge of the city to help plan and execute your dream elopement, wedding or surprise proposal in Venice!


This elegant photo shoot began at sunrise, we started filming with the first look of the bride and groom in their historical and elegant apartment in Venetian palace. One of the best options for newlyweds to enjoy real Venice is to rent not a hotel, but a private apartment in an ancient palazzo. If you book accommodation in Venice in advance, you can save a lot of money and distribute your budget so that it’s enough for an excellent English-speaking photographer in Italy.


Then we proceeded to the Rialto Bridge and took advantage of the soft, golden light and the quiet streets of Venice. After that the bride and groom visited San Marco Square, Ponte dei Sospiri and Florian Caffee, where there weren't a single tourist at that moment! A lot of couples dream of taking elopement photos in these famous city places, and the best time is at dawn with its golden rose light and unique atmosphere that we as Venice photographers can capture in our best way. After the first part of the shoot, the newlyweds take a break for breakfast and then enjoy a gondola ride.


To make sure your sunrise wedding photography in Venice is as comfortable as possible, we offer a 3-hour service. At this time, the bride and groom are feeling relaxed and getting real pleasure from the shooting process. Do you also wish to enjoy unique moments of the ancient city awakening? Contact us now to book your romantic elopement photoshoot in Venice!