Our journey with this lovely couple began in stunning waterways and vibrant hues of the Burano island in Venice, Italy. Narrow, winding streets of ancient city set the stage for a modern engagement story, each snapshot in vivid colors captured unique Italian charm. Known for its kaleidoscope of colorful houses, Burano provided the perfect canvas for a photo shoot that mirrored the vibrancy of this young couple's love.


Burano, a charming island in the Venetian Lagoon, is renowned for its brightly colored houses. The tradition of painting houses came from fishermen wanting to easily spot their homes in the dense fog. Burano is also famous for its intricate lace-making craftsmanship. The island has a long history of producing exquisite lace products, and you can still find local artisans creating beautiful lacework, a tradition passed down through generations.

This engagement story was shot in February. As you can see, it's quite warm in the daytime and you can wear your favorite fashion dress. It is nice to visit Italy in the end of winter: prices are usually lower, especially after the Venice masquerade. We use beautiful light and shadows in our best way, so your photo album will be full of bright colorful memories! We specialize in creating visual narratives that transcend time. Our expertise lies in capturing the essence of love in modern report style in iconic destinations like Venice. Whether you're dreaming of a romantic gondola proposal or a colorful engagement session in Italy, our team - Paolo and Barbara Orsolini - is dedicated to turning your vision into a stunning reality.

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